The CyberCar Platform

Blockchain-optimized whole-ecosystem security for the connected vehicle.

CyberCar is a blockchain-optimized connected vehicle platform that delivers a new paradigm of trust. The CyberCar platform compliments existing applications and services with three key capabilities. CyberCar offers a software framework with blockchain that is implemented in the vehicle gateway; CyberCar facilitates an immutable ledger; and CyberCar enables multi-party transactions. The result is a revolutionary change in the authenticity of data to and from connected vehicles. The CyberCar platform leads a new era of cooperation for the connected vehicle solutions of tomorrow.

Before CyberCar

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After CyberCar

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A blockchain-optimized connected vehicle framework implemented in the gateway

CyberCar’s Secure Telematics Platform (STP) is a blockchain-optimized security platform for connected vehicles that is implemented within the vehicle gateway, extending the boundary of trust from the cloud into the vehicle itself.

STP compliments existing security applications and services both within connected vehicle systems and between the vehicle and the cloud to enable the core tenets of whole-ecosystem security. STP incorporates industry standard federated identity and cryptographic algorithms to enable system and user authentication, authorization, secure telematics, and commerce.

An immutable ledger

A blockchain is an immutable ledger. This means that once data is validated and recorded in the blockchain, it cannot be changed. The design of the blockchain assures that even the smallest attempt to change previously recorded blocks will be detected and revealed by the validation process and visible to all peers.

The blockchain ledger can record data, the notarization of dereferenced data, transactions, and smart contracts. Objects are recorded with the anonymized, yet verifiable identity of each associated entity, ensuring privacy and data ownership. These objects are frozen in time, making blockchain ideal for providing a single source of truth, across domains, and between known or unknown parties. All interested parties can access, validate, and trust data recorded on the blockchain.

Multi-party transactions

The CyberCar blockchain offers the benefits of commercial agreements (law and economics) manifested in the form of a smart contract. CyberCar uniquely utilizes smart contracts on the blockchain and within its Secure Telematics Platform to implement dynamic and extensible security policy within connected vehicle systems. Smart contracts facilitate, validate, and enforce agreements between two or more parties.

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