Meet Our Team

CyberCar is based in Colorado and led by a team of veterans.

Management Team

Pat Kennedy

CyberCar’s CEO and founder Pat Kennedy is the Chairman, Co-Founder, and former CEO of Cellport Systems. As CEO, Kennedy launched and monetized two connected vehicle products, scaling the company to more than 100 employees. He then led Cellport’s transformation into a licensing business. Kennedy has closed strategic funding and licensing deals with multiple companies, including AT&T, Cisco, Harman, and Toyota.

Chuck Spaur

VP, CyberCar Solutions
CyberCar’s Head Architect, Chuck Spaur, was the Lead Inventor and Architect of Cellport’s Mobile Network Technology, including inventing the first vehicle web server. Spaur is an expert in computer, sensor, and wireless systems architecture, and has embedded device expertise across IoT.

Bill O’Connell

VP, Business Development
Bill O’Connell, CyberCar’s Vice President of Business Development, spent the last 35 years in pre-IPO high technology companies helping them build their sales and distribution strategies. O’Connell has participated in three IPOs and two acquisitions. He has extensive experience building direct sales organizations, channels, international expansion and OEM relationships. His industry experience includes Telecom, Database, Frame Relay and Identity Management.

Board of Advisors

Alan Ferguson

Alan Ferguson co-founded CoalFire Systems in 2001, which sold to the Carlyle Group in 2015. Ferguson is currently the Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, at CoalFire. He has 25 years of experience in enterprise and government IT and security.

Danny Bowman

Danny Bowman is the Chief Revenue Officer of LeEco Holdings, and the former Chief Sales Officer of Samsung Telecommunications America. Bowman was with Sprint/Nextel for 17 years, most recently as President of the Integrated Solutions Group.

Clem Driscoll

Clem Driscoll is the Founder and Principal of C.J. Driscoll & Associates. He is the Publisher and Editor of mobile resource management industry reports for fleet and commercial vehicles. Driscoll is also a keynote industry speaker and expert on telematics, fleet, insurance, and logistics.

Matt Kennedy

Matt Kennedy is a member of the Investment Team at Northzone, a $1Billion early stage venture capital fund investing in Europe and the United States. Kennedy has held positions in strategy and operations at Google, Oracle, and Responsys. He is a graduate of Columbia Business School and The London School of Economics.

Axel Fuchs

Axel Fuchs is the Vice President of Business Development at Quanergy. Fuchs co-founded the Palo Alto Research Center while working at Mercedes for eight years. He was a co-inventor on CyberCar patents, and bring more than 20 years experience in connected vehicles.