A blockchain-optimized connected vehicle platform that delivers a new paradigm of trust.

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The Cybercar Solutions Lab

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Trusted Whole-Ecosystem Security

Trust in the connected vehicle environment enables a level of prosperity that is the start of a security revolution.

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Security is the problem we help solve. Trust is the opportunity we help create.

The automotive and fleet industries are experiencing a significant and disruptive transformation in the economics of design, ownership and usage. At the same time, in-vehicle systems are becoming digital, intelligent, and connected. These changes have created opportunity for innovation in connected vehicle applications and service delivery. The connected vehicle is now a facilitator, a producer, and a consumer of data, multi-party transactions, and commerce.

The CyberCar platform brings trusted whole-ecosystem security to current solutions for connected vehicles with three key features: a blockchain-optimized software framework that is implemented in the gateway; an immutable ledger; and multi-party transactions. CyberCar compliments existing security components by extending them, rather than replacing them, to support the transition to this new paradigm of trust. Once implemented, CyberCar’s connected vehicle ecosystem creates new opportunities for application and service delivery.

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Every vehicle on the road should have a blockchain-optimized security platform. Learn the advantages of CyberCar.

Whole-Ecosystem Trust

Trust is imperative in the connected vehicle ecosystem. If trust is achieved, then prosperity will flourish. Find out more.

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The CyberCar platform compliments existing applications and services. Join a CyberCar Solutions Lab Pilot Partner Program.

Use Cases

Find out how Original Equipment Manufacturers, insurers, fleet managers, and drivers can benefit from CyberCar.


A new paradigm of trust for connected vehicles. Contact us to learn more